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Our number one goal for our students is to provide them with a fun, innovative, and enriching preschool curriculum. We are proud to serve children ages 2 to 5 and their families across Cortlandt Manor, Westchester, NY, and surrounding areas with preschool programs. Our staff focuses on teaching global awareness and the arts as well as a range of subjects including: science, writing, math, reading, phonics, computers, and language skills. In addition, we incorporate creative movement, Spanish, karate, Sign Language, and yoga into our daily activities with students.
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At Little Learners of Westchester, Inc. we are committed to:

Quality Care & Quality Education

Creating a positive, happy, and healthy environment for a child’s first experience in a school-based setting is incredibly important. Not only does it pave the way for their future academic success, it helps them enjoy school and the learning process. Our primary goal is to make sure students feel comfortable and have a healthy transition into the preschool environment. Our staff is dedicated to excellence in care and quality of programs for our students.

Positive Self Image

We want our students to develop a positive, strong self-image and help them build a high level of confidence in themselves. Not only is preschool important to helping children develop a positive academic attitude, it helps them gain a perspective on socialization and how to interact with their peers. Both of these factors prepare them for academic success.
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As educators, we know the importance of academic subjects such as Social Studies, Math, ELA, and Math. However, preparing a child for success means teaching above and beyond these core subjects. Creating an enriching environment and experience for students is one of main goals with our Little Learners. We not only cover aspects of academic subjects, we also emphasize learning a second language (Spanish) and expose them to different forms of physical fitness such as yoga and karate. In addition, we introduce them to different countries around the world, which helps them to develop a budding global awareness.
Furthermore, we believe in highlighting the importance of eating healthy and healthy habits. We believe this gives our students a well-rounded preschool education, and is a great partner to our focus on developing their social and communication skills. Not only do we want to academically prepare all of our students, we want them to learn to be gentle, kind, and caring to one another and the people in their lives.

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We know how important it is to create a warm, welcoming, and fun school environment for children. This plays such an important role in their future success, and that is why we are committed to the quality and care of our students.

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